Mideast war rages across an obsolete cathode ray tube. Homelanders take it in the shorts as gas hits six bucks a gallon. It’s us true blue, freedom lovin’ patriots against them schmarmy A rabs again, and we’re jonesin’ bad to score their cheap sweet crude.

Men were created with bigger bodies, greater muscle mass and their own brand of courage in order to nourish and cherish the other half of humanity. Women were created with softer bodies, more delicate bone structure and totally different emotional needs in order to call forth this response from men and honor it with thanks instead of disdain or insult. Is weakness degrading or insulting? Only if a fine, rare Limoges teacup is a degraded or insulted object.

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We have already addressed many of these points in the revisions to the Personal Conduct Policy that were announced last month. I look forward to reviewing these recommendations with the league’s new Conduct Committee chaired by Arizona Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill. While this investigation has now concluded, our focus on the underlying issues and our commitment to positive change remain as strong as ever.

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Manchester United was originally founded in 1878 and will be led into this preseason match by their new manager, Louis van Gaal. He recently led the Netherlands national soccer team to a third place finish at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and will look to bring the team great success in the upcoming season. Manchester United is one of the winningest club teams in England, having won 20 league titles, which is more than any other team in the EPL.

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