Regional carrier flights get canceled more often in part because they use smaller planes, and flight operators know that a single cancellation doesn impact as many passengers as it would on a regular flight. But another factor at play is that a canceled flight on a regional carrier doesn count against the big airline when it reports its statistics to the government. So if a Delta Air Lines flight operated by a regional carrier is canceled, it won hurt the number Delta reports to the government..

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The proposed acquisition, OneWest would merge with CIT Group banking subsidiary, Salt Lake City based CIT Bank, and all locations would operate under the CIT Bank name. CIT has 3,200 employees and OneWest has 2,160. CIT did not reveal whether some jobs might be eliminated in the merger..

Islanders D Nick Leddy appeared in his 500th career game. F Jason Chimera played in his 190th consecutive game 106 with Washington and the last 84 with the Islanders. The teams play two more times this season, back here on Dec. I happen to be a big New Orleans Saints fan. So after I recovered my voice following the Super Bowl, I started thinking about how many folks I’d seen around the country, and particularly in Louisiana and Mississippi, wearing Saints paraphernalia. So where were these folks buying their souvenir T shirts and jerseys?.

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